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The Workroom

The art of sewing, weaving, and embroidering may be the most essential craft that creates fine interior décor. Without it, we have no textiles...and without textiles, no ability to finely sew magnificent window treatments, bedding, pillow and upholstery. 

For over 50 years, Yardstick Interiors has maintained its own custom workroom for sewing and upholstery.  To this day, our in-house artisans who make up The Workroom, LLC continue a proud history of fabricating and installing exquisite draperies, valances, cornices, custom pillows, bedding, wall upholstery and furniture upholstery.

With this Workroom, we can truly provide our clients with a highly customized soluton.  This essential element of interior design sets apart Yardstick Interiors from all others in the design community.

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